James Weidman

Sonic Realities

James Weidman’s first recording in 5 Years features bassist Harvie S and drummer Alvester Garnett performing original compositions and features works by Charlie Parker, Kurt Weill and Hale Smith.

Weidman sees this project as the latest in a continuum of jazz piano trios that have defined the music.

“When you do a piano trio album, it evokes some memories of past piano trios,” Weidman says. “You think about the great people who had trio albums … Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson, Cedar Walton … the list goes on. So, one of the things that Alvester, Harvie and I were talking about in the studio was about the fact that we owe those people who came before us, no matter where we take the music.”

James Weidman: piano
Harvie S, bass
Alvester Garnett, drums